The First 4K HDMI Video Capture Card in the Industry
 Jan 01, 1970|View:467

The First 4K HDMI Video Capture Card in the Industry,Supporting 3D and HDMI Collecting

TongSanWei T201 is the lastest 4K HDMI video capture card launched by Beijing TongZhou Shida Technology Co., Ltd.which can collect 4Kx2K HDMI high-definition video signals.It adopts high speed PCI-Express×4 interface to achieve 600-800MB/s transmission bandwidth.What's more,it adopts high speed and large capacity image caching techlonogy to achieve higher transmission rate and quality easily.Besides,image processing like converting color space,reversing image,scaling or deinterlacing is completed in FPGA,which greatly reduced the burden of CPU.Then the efficient DMA transmission mode liberate more ability of CPU,allowing the CPU to focus on the specific work that the user assigned.