Smart Phone with Wireless HDMI,Vsun i1S Made it Come True
 Jan 01, 1970|View:467

Smart Phonewith Wireless HDMI,Vsun i1S Made it Come True

As the concept of smart TV is more and more popular,manufacturers are flocking to the connection of smart phones and family televisions.Now some manufacturers try to equip smart phones with wireless HDMI components.The recent exposure of Vsun i1S is supporting such a function.You just need an adapter which is in the size of a USB flash drive to make linking to HDMI interface,then smart phone can be connected to TV.Finally,it comes true that wireless HDMI can transmit high-definition pictures.

The technology is very mature.The television images are almost no delay when you are playing games or watching television.If the technology can be promoted,it will certainly gain more bigger share of the home entertainment market.